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Produced by Sandbox Collective

The dance-theatre production looks at the insidious ways in which women's writing has been censored.

Designed as an 8-step guide in how to censor women's writing, and uses Virginia Woolf's essay Shakespeare's Sister from a Room of One's Own and Joana Russ' How to Suppress Women's Writing as points of departure. Two women walk into a boxing ring, and with each passing round, play out this censorship guide: the frying pan becomes a metaphor for a chalkboard on which a performer finds her way to 'freedom'; a traditional dance class reveals the impossible ways in which women are written about, among others.

I am not here is my most recent production, created for one of India's premier festivals, the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2018, the work began as a response to the festival's call for censored plays. There were hardly any plays written by women which had been 'banned' as such, and the work sought to challenge the theme of the festival (more about this in the detailed description). The play stood out for its form, and highlited the fact that there was an actual dearth of plays by women in the festival.


Photos By Richa Bhavanam

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