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Phanatasmagoria is a political play exploring how power, censorship and tradition can silence debate.

Mehrosh, a celebrated student activist has been invited to an isolated house in the middle of a forest to take part in a debate with a powerful political adversary from the ruling party.  It’s a chance to make her voice heard.

Fearful of the coming conflict, surrounded by eerie shadows and mysterious noises, and increasingly uncertain of what she is told, Mehrosh starts to feel a growing paranoia that the people around her are not what they seem…

Phantasmagoria explores the dangers of divisive politics and unbridled social media to show how fear can be manufactured and manipulated with chilling consequences.

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This is the story of Sarayu. A little Indian girl who lives in a market with her parents, bakers, and her best friend Venky, a little bit crazy, a little "know-it-all". The market is Sarayu's second home. He made her a greedy and curious little girl: she likes to see everything and taste everything! But one day, a strange creature begins to wreak havoc on the market. Sarayu meets her and realizes that she is just a little lost and scared creature. She will try to save her from the fury of the inhabitants of the market. As a little girl, Sarayu will become a heroine who, with the help of her friend Venky, will, at her own risk and with her imagination, save the creature! In return, the creature will realize one of Sarayu's dreams ...!

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